We are Cris and Marc. The fortunate parents of Naila, Alek, and Kaia. Our adventure began, driven by one of our passions: traveling and seeing the world.

The oceans, mountains, local cultures, and wildlife have given us the chance to live and feel as if we are part of something much greater than ourselves: Mother Nature.

Why We Do This

We want a better world for them, and Nature is the answer.

We are the generation that is the most digitally connected, yet the most disconnected on a human level.

Part of the solution is found in reconnecting with what makes us feel and live more authentically: nature.

Unfortunately, mass tourism has caused and continues to cause a negative impact on it, often leaving irreversible scars. It is in this context that Basecamps was born.

We aim to demonstrate that it is feasible and necessary to push for a change towards responsible tourism. A tourism model that genuinely contributes to the regeneration of territories, creating authentic connections between visitors and local communities, and fostering something as simple as love for the destination and its surroundings. Because when you love something, you care for it and protect it.

Our commitment

To do everything in our power to promote a life in balance with nature.

We aspire to go beyond mere environmental commitment or meeting the standards of leading certifiers. We have the responsibility to demonstrate, step by step, how it is possible to create a scalable model focused on developing local experiences that enhance the destination and improve people's quality of life, thereby setting an example for transforming an entire industry.

Join Basecamps

More than a project or a community, it's a journey.

What started as a family dream with the unconditional support of our loved ones and friends, we hope will become a journey open to all those who share the excitement and desire to make a project possible where the goal is not the destination, but the journey itself and what we leave for today's and tomorrow's generations.

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